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Presented below are economical options by which you can start creating a happy, healthy and harmonious home by selecting your customer profile (membership type) addressing your specific needs.

Please do take a moment to consider the following:


* Retail Pricing 

* Purchase whenever

Preferred Customer 

* 12% discount on retail on Young Living Health Products.

* Requires minimum monthly personal volume (50PV) + (applicable shipping and taxcharges)     

  * Adjustable products selection for monthly orders    
  * Earn Essential Rewards Points 

 Earn Essential Rewards Autoship Points Program

Essential Rewards ( auto - ship program)
1) Essential rewards: auto-ship credits every month
     Redeemable for free products
(pay only tax /shipping)
    1 credit = 1 PV
    1-6 months     earn essential rewards credits worth 10% of order PV
            (maximum of 30 credits per month)
    7-12 months   earn essential rewards credit worth 15% of order PV
                                    (maximum of 50 credits per month)
            one year - beyond earn essential rewards worth 20% of order PV
                                    (maximum of 75 credits per month)
           *note:  credits are valid for product purchases only
2) Discounted pricing on exclusive product packages (auto-ship every month)
3) Reduced shipping rates:  $7.75 flat fee for shipping charges on monthly orders (up to 5 pounds) within the continental US
4) Qualification for additional compensation and bonus rewards
5) Quarterly Wellness Essential product training ad support CD's
6) Secured automated guaranteed processing of monthly shipments of your favorite Young Living Products.

            7)  Adjustable processing days and product selections every month.

* A monthly minimum 50PV = 50$ must be maintained in order to qualifyfor the points.
* This auto ship program guarantees monthly shipment of Young Living products

* Preferred Customer Long Term Benefits with Essential Rewards Autoship Program

12% Preferred Customer discount plus 10% - 20% auto-ship credits = 22% savings increasing thereafter.

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Wholesale Customer or Independent Distributor

* 24% discount off retail products with monthly bonuses for Independent Distributors
* Lifetime membership: one time sign up fee ( includes a Start Living Kit)
* An economical way to avail of discounted products for a lifetime in your journey towards health.
* Independent Distributors get credit, commissions and bonuses for the purchases of people referred.
* Optional Essential Rewards Autoship Program (see Earn Essential Rewards Autoship Point Program)

* Long Term Benefits with Essential Rewards Autoship Point Program

24%  discount plus 10% - 20% auto-ship credits = 34% savings increasing  thereafter to 44% after ayear .

Ready to experience a healthier and vibrant life?

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