Why use essential oils?

Past history has shown own us the healing properties of essential oils.

From Ayur Vedic texts to Egyptian Heirlogryphics, Grecian temples, Roman empire  and remote monestaries , there are countless records displaying the restorative and life giving effects of using essential oils.

Various researches has shown that using essential oils internally, aromatically or applied topically they provide effects thats energizes , balance and purify the body, mind and soul.

Everyday we are bombarded with stresses that can be linked to various kinds of illnesses and diseases. From our environment to our personal lives. The body thus reacts to these changes therefore having it effects manifesting in the body, mind and emotions.

Depending of what type of stress a person experiences without adequate relaxation in between these stresses it can cause an overload in the autonomic nervous functions. An over activated nervous system causes chronic stress leading to emotional, mental and body function imbalances.

Mother nature offers us natural solutions ... plant remedies to address these problems.

As essential oils is often referred to "nature's living energy" .. When used properly it's a natural way to bring back harmony, balance and well being.

What better way to revitalize ones health naturally.

Why use 100% therapeutic grade plant essential oils?

Simply because 100% therapeutic grade plant essential oils carry the life force of the plant making it more potent and

beneficial. Young Living's 100% therapeutic grade oils are not simply for aromatherapy but can be used in variety of

ways to assist in rejuvenation and well being.

How to use essential oils

Pure and unadulterated essential oils are the best choice for use simply because they provide the subtle energies and compounds necessary for healing to occur.

Using a therapeutic grade essential oils assures you that you get the antiseptic, restorative and protective properties to effectively enhance the body, mind, emotions and spirit connections necessary for vibrant health and longevity.

Generally they are used as follows:

Air purifier

Studies have shown that therapeutic essential oils display antiseptic properties  having the ability to neutralize bacteria causing odors and germs.
Therapeutic grade essential oils has the ability to bind to chemicals, making them non - toxic. Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils have positive benefits that affect the olfactory and limbic systems that are responsible for managing our our emotions, behaviors and long term memories. Often times places, memories and emotions are associated with scent. It has certain biological effects on our body. Diffusing Therapeutic Grade Essentials Oils helps build, support and encourage  uplifting memories or either dispel fearful or traumatic experiences that hamper ones growth.

Recent studies have shown that using Young Living's cold-air-diffuser and Theives Essential Oil Blend can eliminate toxic black mold. The quality and blend of the oil and by the way it was properly distilled mentained  the vital plant chemicals necessary to eliminate the germs, mold and bacteria in the air.

This is more than just aromatherapy.

To learn more on different diffusers, click here.

Topical application

As a natural body perfume without the synthetic ingredients.

For massage to relieve the body from stress and tension. Depending on the person's sensitivity pure therapeutic essential oils needs to be diluted using a carrier vegetable oil.

Direct application in the areas of the body. Their unique molecular structure enables it to penetrate easily through the skin and cell membranes providing the necessary effects intended by the oils used.


Studies has shown the effects of aromas to our central nervous system.  Simple inhalation of therapeutic grade essential oils have beneficial effects in our mental states that improves our mood and energy.

Household Use

Clinical studies shows that pure unadulterated essential oils kill bacteria, virus, fungi and mold. It also prevents these pathogens from mutating.


Therapeutic grade essential oils being 1oo% pure free from pesticides and impurities is a good way to add more healing nutrients to your food.

For a comprehensive look at how to use essential oil for cooking please visit

First Aid

An example is lavender oil. It is know for its soothing effect and healing abilities helping burned skin heal and regenerate into it's normal condition.


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